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Sondeos, Inyecciones y Trabajos Especiales S.A. (SITE) was founded in 1974. Since the outset the company has specialized in geotechnical work for a whole range of private and public clients and has evolved over the years incorporating new techniques along the way in preparation for the country’s expanding infrastructure.

SITE is an independent company, not linked to any financial institution or Construction Company, and whose core business is carried out throughout Spain. The company’s head offices are located in Madrid and they also have a number of permanent branch centres in Andalusia, Catalonia and the Cantabrian Coast, which enables them to be nearer to their clients and construction sites.

Presently, the company has a team of highly-experienced technical personnel capable of carrying out a wide range of work associated with land. All projects are carried out under the conditions which this type of work demands with regard to time scales and execution costs, safety and respect for the environment.

SITE also collaborates with companies in the Basque Country in particular TESINSA (Técnicos en Estabilizaciones e Inyecciones, S.A.), a company which specializes in all types of land stabilisation and consolidation of slopes, as well as installations on hills to prevent landslides, and in Chile with ESTRATOS (Tratamientos Especiales del Terreno S.A.), a company which primarily undertakes deep excavation projects with the aid of micropiles and anchors.

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